INDUSTRY TISSUE is made for professionals working in the television industry, on photo shoots or on the stage. Designed by a professional make-up artist who specializes in working with athletes-turned-broadcasters, INDUSTRY TISSUE is the perfect solution for anyone on-the-go who wants to wipe away excess shine, and face the world with a clean, matte visage.

What’s the big idea behind INDUSTRY TISSUE?  If you ask creator Joanna Darling, it’s all about taking a high quality product and making it bigger. Industry Tissue is ideal for all, but was designed specifically for ease of use by men—featuring a large, durable, easy to use size.

“I’ve been on many sets and location shoots,” says Darling, “and there was never an effective, quick way for me to remove the shine from my clients faces in between commercial breaks. We had these delicate ‘blot tissues’ that have been around for generations, but are too petite to get the job done. It would take three or four of these little tissues [ for one face ]; it was messy and time consuming.  I needed a large size ... a man size—so that a client could grab one quickly, and blot the shine from his own face if need be. Through this process I realized that we all need this. Athlete/broadcasters aren’t the only guys who sweat, and want to look good. … anyone who likes to feel fresh throughout the day can use something to wipe the natural oil build-up from their face, and look their best.”

Darling, who frequently works on the Super Bowl, NFL Draft and World Series broadcasts, was able to test INDUSTRY TISSUE on Emmy Award-winning sportscaster Ron Darling, who happens to be her husband.  “Ron is like most athlete/broadcasters I know ” Joanna shares,  “… [ he ] wants to look good, but he doesn’t want to bother with make up. He wants to focus on his work. With INDUSTRY TISSUE, he can grab a sheet, blot his whole face in one swoop—and be done with it.”

The stress and strain of a busy day can take it's toll on anyone’s complexion. INDUSTRY TISSUE is a quick, easy way to freshen up, right from your pocket, desk or bag.